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‘We are created in rhythm, kept alive in rhythm, evolve through rhythm. We are born into a universe of currents, and our heart is the great conductor of the body, orchestrating that flow.’

– Shiva Rea

About Yoga


Hatha (Ha = Sun and Tha = Moon) explores the path towards creating balance and uniting opposites.

 Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which mean’s ‘to place in a special way’, to move, to flow fluidly between a sequence of postures synchronised with the movement of breath.

My personal practice and teachings combine the traditional teachings of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and practices of Asana (for the physical body), Pranayama (for the breath) and Meditation (for the mind) as individual tools to promote increased awareness, health, vitality and empowerment for the practitioner.

Everyone’s reasons for stepping onto the yoga mat are many and varied however for whatever reason you arrive, I like to encourage students to look at yoga as a holistic tool for personal transformation, growth and self enquiry – not just in the physical body, rather bringing harmony and connection between the whole body, mind and soul together.  In my classes you can expect to work strongly but softly, using breath awareness to move fluidly into the physical postures with ease and stillness of mind.

I also encourage students to find a yoga school and/or teacher where they feel comfortable to explore what this means for them.

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